Following is a list of relevant projects, papers, or publications in which I have been involved:

Natural Hazard Mitigation Association Webinar: Adaptation and Flood Mitigation in the Netherlands.  (February 27, 2013) with Marcel Stive, Katie Jagt, Jessica Ludy

Hungarian National Radio Show, Oxigen.  Discussions about floodplain management and “room for the river” in California and the Netherlands.  (In Hungarian, spoken over)

Ludy, J. & GM Kondolf. (2012). Flood Risk Perception on Lands ‘Protected’ by 100-year Levees. Natural Hazards  DOI: 10.1007/s11069-011-0072-6

Ludy, J. (May 4, 2011). Levee Breach Shows Importance of Natural Floodplains for Public Safety  (Written for American Rivers Blog)

Kondolf, GM., Podolak, K., and Gaffney, A. (editors). (2010). From High Rise to Coast: Revitalizing Ribeira da Barcarena  (Contributing author)

Fransen, L., Ludy, J., & Matella, M. (2008). When the Levees Break: Relief Cuts and Flood Management in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.

Ludy, J., & Podolak, K. (2007). Restoration with Reference: Rediscovering Cerrito Creek in Blake Garden.

Poster: “Before the Flood: Public Perception of Flood Risk in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta”.  (Graphic representation of masters’ thesis. Poster presented at National Institute of Water Resources Conference, July 2009).


National Academies Press:  Levees and the National Flood Insurance Program.

(Cited in this report, Chapter 7).  Levees and the NFIP

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